Name Card Malaysia Merchant`s testimonials


The testimonials of success business deals from the merchants of 商家证言:

cwcbus-testimonial - bus pekerja penang

“after listing my business on, i have receive a lot of calls from other states factories interested about my bus pekerja service, now my potential clients could find me easily on, just need to key in “bus pekerja”, it is worthy listing here, highly recommended”. – 22th.November.2014

testimonial from bio cystal, tanjung tokong, penang, georgetown

“at the beginning I just give it a try, but surprisingly i had successfully done 5 cases business which calling from my nearby foreigners!, i definitely will continue with for the coming years” - - Eric Tew

“一开始我只是尝试一下,但谁知道名片网已经让我成功做成5单生意, 电话订购是从住在我商店附近的外国人!,在未来数年我一定会继续使用”. – 3th.August.2014

testimonial from chan xen, pawn shop, ayer itam, penang

“I had using to promote my first pawn shop, i also use it`s online name card listing platform for my second shop because it is really brought some customers to me” - - S.L.Chan

“我已经使用NameCard.my推广我的第一个当铺,现在我的第二家当铺也使用名片网络宣传系统,因为它确实为我带来一些客户”. – 15th.July.2014