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How It Works For You?

(中文) ”Your business Name Card is unique, represents your business identity and is quite easy to recognize, It`s potentiality is infinite, Let your name card work wonders for you once you opt for it with
It will be a smart decision that will benefit your business !”

Malaysia Name Card Directory is a dynamic web portal that provides and helps business owners to promote and increase awareness of products and services and the business as a whole by using online methods and any mobile access devices. Integrating your unique name card with your business can helps you harness the more convenient methods to effectively promote, distribute, aggregate and manage your business processes and clients sources, meanwhile also convenience for your prospects and customers to collect and keep your business name card.

The quality and the number of name cards distributed will come to nothing unless they are distributed far and wide reaching more potential customers. The more important aspect is to convince the customers receiving your name card for a longer time.

We have innovated some such ideas that can help you achieve more shelf life for your name cards in addition to boosting your business awareness by the use of a smaller name card that can be carried in your hand or distributed online.

Additionally, all we need is a single name card of you and we can help you distribute it online and offline so as to reach the right target audience.

 At, we enhance the functionality of your name card, offered conveniences and its effectiveness to reach more people. These includes: